How HAYDi:Switch changed their lives?

Omer’s Story
HAYDi:Switch user OmerMy Inner TwingeOmer Ali Kilic is a spastic disabled youngster in Adapazari, western Turkey, who is heavily dependant to his parents for his daily activities, though, to write a book he only needed a girlfriend on the Internet… Kilic has been living as a disabled person since his birth, when he suffered a lack of oxygen. He could not attend any schools, but managed to learn how to read and write with his elder brother’s help. A well known computer company named Dama Bilgisayar gave him a complete computer system included our switch access solution as a present, and he started writing poems and publishing them on the Net. Having read his poems, an unnamed girl got in touch with Kilic and an ‘online’ relationship started between the two. The young man carried on writing poems including those he wrote for his ‘cyber love’. Eventually, the youngster’s father gathered all his son’s poems, and published in a book called ‘My Inner Twinge’. ( Karma Books, January 2010 ISBN:9786054044825 )

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Mustafa’s Story
HAYDi:Switch user MustafaMustafa Yalcin has Cerebral Palsy. He is over 40 and lives in Metin Sabanci CP rehabilitation center located in Istanbul. Mustafa, who’s written and oral communication channels are handicapped, is now in touch with the world with HAYDi:Switch. Mustafa is reading newspapers in internet, writing e-mails to his family members, listening to music and watching movies. Rehabilitation center employees are deeply impressed and enchanted from this miraculous changes of Mustafa’s life.

Mustafa's Video: Head Control

Mustafa's Video: Eye Blink Control

User Testimonial

Cagla Sengun : A happy HAYDi:Switch user Although I can not walk, can not use my hands and can not speak clearly, I have a clear mind and no mental retardation. With my family support, I took visual education and has graduated fom high school. I used to watch and envy friends who were using computer and accessing the world. HAYDi:Switch has changed my world. Now, I’m free to express myself. I communicate with friends via e-mails. I can download any music or movie that I like. I feel like reborn. - Cagla Sengun, Gorele / TR -

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kosgeb We have been awarded a government fund by Bogazici KOSGEB for our new computer accessibility device design.

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HAYDi:Switch at Microsoft ShowroomWe are in the Microsoft Windows Technology Solutions Showroom.