HAYDi:Switch Mobile


No need to install HAYDi:Switch software to use a computer anymore! Just plug in HAYDi:Switch Mobile interface and start to use any Windows based computer.

Best of all, it comes with an internal usb memory starting from 4GB. You can carry your favorite movie, music, book and document files within HAYDi:Switch Mobile to anyplace.

HAYDi:Switch Mobile is the first and only one switch access interface which offers total freedom for individuals with physical disabilities.
Enable People

HAYDi:Switch PRO Software Features

InternetEasy surfing with specialy designed onscreen keyboard for Microsoft Internet Explorer. You can customize the keyboard commands to use with any other browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.easy internet surfing

chatChat online with your favorite software.chat

e-mailE-mail communication with specialy designed onscreen keyboard for Microsoft Live Email. You can customize the keyboard commands to use with any other e-mail clients like Outlook Express or Gmail.e-mail

voice comm.Specially designed for everyday voice communication needs. Replaceable, male or female, digitized or synthesized, 43 pre-defined voice (total 47). Picture Communication Symbols (PCS) are used.talking

writingYou can open, edit, save and print your documents by using either a basic or an anvanced editor like Microsoft Word.writing

drawingWith our smart mouse function, you can make sensitive movements in a predefined area. Divided screen scan function helps you to reach your exact target easly. You can use any advanced drawing software by utilizing these two functions.drawing

e-bookNowadays, mostly books and documents are published in Adobe PDF format. HAYDi:Switch has a special onscreen keyboard to navigate in PDF type documents.e-book

TV-RadioListen to radio and watch TV over the Internet. If you have TV-Radio receiver in your computer, you can watch cable or satellite broadcasts.TV-Radio

musicMedia Player Onscreen Keyboard is designed for efficient and easy usage of Microsoft Media Player application. To enjoy while you are working, use your favorite play lists or listen random MP3 music files. To use with other media players, you may change onscreen keyboard key commands.music

gamePlay single switch suitable arcade games or games like chess and playing card. Naturally, HAYDi:Switch is not suitable for real time action games.game

movieMedia Player Onscreen Keyboard is designed for efficient and easy usage of Microsoft Media Player application. While you are watching, you can take back and forward or pause your movies.movie

TTSHAYDi:Switch has Text to Speech future, compatible with Microsoft Speech API. When enabled, reads every letter, word or sentence written. You can select male or female voice. While using, user can enable or disable the TTS function.text to speech (TTS)

predictionYou can write much faster and easier with word prediction and completion feature. The software monitors the input letter-by-letter, and produces a list of words beginning with the letter sequence recorded. Each time a letter is added, the list is updated. When the target word appears in the list, it can be chosen and inserted into the ongoing text with a single scan selection.word prediction and completion future

auto learnHAYDi:Switch automaticaly learns your new words, if they are not found in the main dictionary. The software also allows you to add multiple words directly into the word prediction personal dictionary at once.auto learning new words

customizeYou can change location, scanning speed and color of onscreen keyboards. Mouse speed and sensivity is also adjustable. Speech and keyboard symbols are changeable. You may replace onscreen keyboard keys to use them with other applications. If you have multiple users, every one has their own settings.customize symbol, voice and keys

ribbon menuMenus and toolbars in some programs have been replaced with the Ribbon. HAYDi:Switch automatically sense the application menu system and gives you an appropriate menu scanning option.ribbon menu support

quick app.For quick access, you can assign your favorite applications to the home onscreen keyboard.quick application access

auto spaceAfter selecting an auto prediction/completion text or using a punctuation character, HAYDi:Switch adds a space for easy editing. While using, user can enable or disable this function.auto space

accentedSometimes you need to type accented characters. With the help of unique Dead-Key support, you can type diacritical marks and characters.accented character support

pro versionHAYDi:Switch Mobile includes PRO Version scanning software which has more advanced functions.HAYDi:Switch Pro Version Software Included

USB Memory 4GB or more


Word Prediction Completion


Text to Speech


Programmable Key Commands


Ribbon Menu Support

HAYDi:Switch PRO Software Screen Samples

Left Right
HAYDi:Switch knows which application you are using and shows you a related onscreen keyboard. When you need, you can call other onscreen keyboards and return back. If you install a new application, HAYDi:Switch will automatically link the Home onscreen keyboard without disturbing you. You can change the application-keyboard link anytime.

HAYDi:Switch PRO Home On Screen Keyboard

Application Settings
With FQ/F+ and Mouse onscreen keyboards, you are able to use a PC with all features and applications. Other onscreen keyboards like Internet, Media Player, E-Book, E-Mail and Calculator are designed especially to facilitate the usage of relevant applications.

HAYDi:Switch Pro FQ On Screen KeyboardHAYDi:Switch Pro F+ On Screen Keyboard
HAYDi:Switch PRO has another rarely found feature Dkey (Dead Key) support. By using Dkeys, you can type accented characters and diacritical marks like é – accent acute, è – accent grave, ñ – tilde, ê – circumflex and ë – umlaut.

Dead Keys Support

You can change the color, scan cycle, scan speed and place of onscreen keyboards according to your needs. You are also able to change mouse speed and pixel sensitivity.

HAYDi:Switch Pro Menu

HAYDi:Switch scan settings
Target Scanning is an alternative to mouse movements. When you use the mouse with high speed, you may experience difficulty in achieving your goal on the screen. Target Scanning function is especially designed to overcome this problem. Scanning the screen first horizontally and then vertically provides a perfect target hit. Mouse pointer is moved directly to the conjunction point of these two sequential scans. Also you are able to divide the screen to 4 pieces and do the scanning only in the area needed.HAYDi:Switch Mouse OnScreen KeyboardHAYDi:Switch target hit on WordPad You can use the unique Smart Mouse settings to make sensitive mouse movements. It throttles the mouse pointer in designated startup area to allow you to go to the exact point. Smart Mouse Movements is a excellent feature to use in drawing programs from MS Paint to a CAD software.
Smart Mouse Movements function is designed by us.
HAYDi:Switch helps your daily conversation by Voice Communication onscreen keyboard. It is designed for the usage of individuals having speech disabilities. Symbols of the keyboard are selected from worldwide known PCS set.
There are 47 predefined editable messages. With the help of voiceoskmanager utility, you can change the voice type (digitized or synthesized), gender, message and voice symbol easily.

Voice Communication Board

User Applications Manager
Do you like to call your favorite programmes directly from HAYDi:Switch?

The user applications menu will help you to define your quick access applications. There are 3 editable icons at the bottom of the home onscreen keyboard. These designated icons are ready to be assigned to your favorite applications. When you select them while scanning, the selected software starts directly.

HAYDi:Switch PRO supports both classic menu and the new ribbon menu style. When you select scan menu icon, HAYDi:Switch automatically interrogates the active application menu system then gives you the appropriate scan option.

Classic Menu ScanRibbon Menu Scan

Sometimes, software manufacturers may change the shortcuts of their application in the new versions. The keymanager utility allows you to enter the new command combination. It also helps you to use another equivalent application instead of the default. For example, instead of Microsoft Internet Explorer, you can use Google Chrome browser or you can use Gmail instead of Microsoft Live E-Mail.


Word prediction and completion functions are very useful features for typing easier and faster.
HAYDi:Switch PRO has the ability to read written texts with a voice synthesizer (TTS = Text to Speech).

Word Prediction
Word Completion
Word Prediction/Completion and TTS MenuDigitized vs Synthesized

  • Plug&Play Interface – No software installation needed
  • Embedded USB Memory starting from 4GB, take your personal files anyware
  • Suitable for use of handicapped people who are unable to use their hands
  • Works in the background with very low system resource usage
  • Automatic foreground running program recognition function
  • 9 different onscreen keyboard for easy program use
  • Voice communication onscreen keyboard for daily needs
  • Microsoft SAPI compatible, text to speech function (TTS)
  • Replaceable Digitized and Synthesized Voice Support
  • Word Prediction and Word Completion features for fast typing
  • Auto learning new words – Editable user custom dictionary
  • Microsoft’s new Ribbon Menu Support
  • Smart editing features, such as adding a space automatically after the word
  • You can add 3 favorite application to the home onscreen keyboard
  • Changeable and customisable symbols, keys and commands
  • Divided screen scan for large displays
  • Smart mouse option for precision of mouse movements
  • Unlimited user creation and customization in to general use in special needs education schools
  • USB port connection – 2 switch input port
  • Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and 7 operating systems support
What’s in the product box

HAYDi:Switch USB PRO MOBILE Interface * LT Switch * HAYDi:Switch PRO Software Setup CD * Quick Installation Guide * Warranty Card

Disabilities Addressed
  • CP – Cerebral Palsy
  • MS – Multiple Sclerosis
  • Stroke
  • Quadriplegia
  • Muscular Dystrophy
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Limited Fine Motor Control
  • Mobility Impairment
  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • ALS – Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis


You can use with your private computer or family shared computer. HAYDi:Switch allows you to use the keyboard and mouse at the same time.



HAYDi:Switch has settings to use with Single Switch Special Needs Education Softwares. It has also a second switch port to allow teachers to direct or work co-actively with their students for assistance. The software allows unlimited switch user creation and customization.

Any Place

Any Place

Just bring your HAYDi:Switch interface to the place you like to use. No software installation or an activation is needed. You can run HAYDi:Switch Pro software directly from your mobile switch.

  1. HAYDi:Switch Mobile plugs in an available USB port directly into the user’s computer.
  2. Just double click to run HAYDi:Switch Pro software from it’s internal usb memory drive.
  3. The user presses the switch to display a scanning keyboard on the screen.
  4. A yellow frame will start to scan every row of the onscreen keyboard. On each HAYDi:Switch click, the yellow frame will scan group column and than onscreen keyboard icons. Just continue clicking HAYDi:Switch, until you reach the icon you want to access.
  5. By selecting appropriate function icon, you can scan start menu, move the mouse pointer, launch desired application program and send any letter, number or function key to the application.
Plug and Play Device

HAYDi:Switch USB Port Support USB Internal Memory Drive
Two Switch InputHAYDi:Switch USB Device Weight
Switch ConnectorHAYDi:Switch USB Cable Lenght
HAYDi:Switch powerCE icon

Technical Specifications

  • Internal memory drive starting from 4GB
  • USB Computer Interface
  • 2 Switch Input Female Connector
  • 3.5mm mono Switch Input Type
  • 104x72x25mm Device Size
  • 125gr. Device Weight
  • 80cm. Cable Length
  • USB Powered 5V Operating Voltage
  • Standards CE-RoHS

System Requirements

  • MS Windows XP – Vista – 7
  • 1Ghz or faster CPU
  • 512MB or higher RAM
  • 1024×600 or higher resolution
  • 1 available USB Port
  • Sound Card (for AAC)


HAYDi:Switch USB PRO/Mobile Brochure

HAYDi:Switch USB PRO/Mobile User Guide


Current Software Version is 2011 2.0

Video: Voice Communication