Switch Options


We offer below two kinds of switch to use with HAYDi:Switch. These are Big Red Twist and LT Pedal. You should choose any one of these and plug in to activate your HAYDi:Switch device interface.
HAYDi:Switch input plug is universal type female 3.5mm. mono input jack. You can use any kind of switch like Pressure, Lever, Mercury/Tilt, Light Touch Pressure, String, Infrared, Sip/Puf switch as well.

LT Pedal Switch Big Red Twist Switch

LT Pedal

Big Red Twist

Color Black Red–Green–Blue–Yellow
Switch Type Mechanical, Wired Mechanical, Wired
Activation Type Pressure Pressure
Single / Dual / Multi Single Single
Activation Surface 10 x 6 cm 12.7 cm diameter
Activation Force 220 gr 156 gr
Travel Before Activation 2.130 mm 1.143 mm
Feedback Auditory click, Tactile Auditory click, Tactile
Plug Size 3.5 mm, mono, male 3.5 mm, mono, male

  LT Pedal Switch - Big Red Switch

Recommended other suitable single switch models Activation Type: Pressure

Pressure Switch - 1Pressure Switch - 2Pressure Switch - 3

Recommended other suitable single switch models Activation Type: Lever

Single Switch - 4

Recommended other suitable single switch models Activation Type: Mercury/Tilt, Light Touch, String, Infrared

Single Switch - 5

How to select?

There is a broad array of switch technology options to meet the wide ranging needs of person with disabilities.

When choosing a switch, consider where it will be positioned, how it will be accessed and what type of use it will endure.

For example, switches with a low activation force or travel will be more sensitive than those with higher ratings in these same areas.

Plug Size

Plug a single switch into HAYDi:Switch device with a standard, mono 3.5mm jack. Switch Jack

Activation Type

Once the activation area is pressed, attached HAYDi:Switch will activate. Pressure Single Switch

String, Grasp and Tip switches are activated with a pull, squeeze or tilt respectively.

Mounting Options

Single switches can be mounted in different ways. For flat surfaces and simple mounting, try Velcro®. Switch Mounting Kit Consider complete mounting systems and connections designed just for your switch for better ergonomic use.